How and what to decorate a bridal shower

bridal shower

The decision to have a hen party usually involves many questions, the answers to which will be the key to success or failure of the event. Today we will try to answer the question: how and what to decorate the pre-wedding event?

With what to start preparing for the bachelorette party?

First of all, you should decide on the format of the pre-wedding party. On the Internet you can find many original ideas, the embodiment of which does not require much expense.

Of course, there are scenarios that involve girls’ fun in Goa or the Emirates, where your amusements will deal with specially trained people for a lot of money. Let’s just say that this does not apply to us.

In the preparatory period and do not hesitate to use their ability to draw, sing, verses and other creativity, because you have enough cares now.

Ideas for bachelorette party decorations

1. Obviously, the classic and universal element for decorating any hen party are flowers and balloons. They can decorate the room where the party will take place, and the forest clearing, and the boat, if you decide to play mermaids.

The balls are good that using felt-tip pens and markers on them you can write funny wishes, depict humorous pictures of the future of the bride’s family life, use them in contests and games.

If the wedding event falls on the summer period, and you’re going to hold a hen party in the bosom of nature – the question of flowers is not worth it at all. It is difficult to imagine a more romantic accessory and element of decor than wildflowers.

2. Often, to decorate the party girls draw posters of humorous and congratulatory nature. For this purpose they use everything that comes to hand – sheets of wattman, wallpaper, pieces of fabric.

3. Very popular and low-cost production of holiday collages from childhood and school photos, humorous pictures cut out of glossy magazines. All this is accompanied by humorous poems and other funny inscriptions and drawings.

Later, during the wedding reception, collages can be used to decorate the wedding hall, the room from which the groom is going to redeem the bride.

Collages of old wedding photos, which are stored in abundance in the albums of the bride’s relatives, also look stylish. Old photos can be scanned and used as you like.

Live pictures made with dolls and other appropriate objects are very popular at bachelorette parties. On any flat surface (dresser, table, coffee table) you can use dolls to depict some funny and memorable moments from the life of the bride. N e g , all friends know the case when the bride as a child ran away from the dog and climbed the fence. All we need here is a Barbie doll and a plush dog. Place them in dynamic poses. You can make several such lively pictures, and then hold a competition “Do we remember our childhood?”.

6. The arches made of flowers, ribbons are very popular. You can buy them in a store or make them yourself.

bridal shower

7. The accessories with which the room is decorated for the bachelorette party should correspond to the concept of the event. In the invitation card, be sure to indicate the theme of the party in order for the guests to think about outfits.

If the bachelorette party is planned in the Russian style – make appropriate invitations, decorated with ornaments, and for writing the text you can choose the appropriate font.

A hen party in nature in the style of “Little Mermaid” suggests mermaid outfits, nets hanging on the branches of trees, fish dishes on the table. You can also decorate a boat, if you want to take your guests for a ride on it.

And if you decide to hold a party in the style of “The Master and Margarita” – you generally have a lot of opportunities to show your imagination. It’s generally accepted that a witch is something frighteningly erotic, so, first of all, think about the costumes. The room can be decorated with candles and draperies. Mysterious and mysterious look vintage candelabra, if you find it somewhere. The fine element of a decor can be mirrors “under the old times”, bunches of therapeutic herbs, hanged on the walls, bats, drawn in advance and cut out of paper, fastened on strings to the ceiling.

8. In case you will not adhere to any particular style and want to hold an ordinary party, you should take care first of all about the aesthetics of the event. The fact that there should be a lot of flowers, we mentioned earlier. Room and party table decor details can be tied to the time of year. In summer, it is floral arches and garlands, fruit salads and cakes decorated with cherries, strawberries and other gifts of summer nature. In the fall, there are ornaments made of bright leaves and exquisite autumn bouquets.

9. If you decided to hold a bachelorette party in nature – do not be stingy, buy and place on the trees electric lights and rice lights, it will create the effect of a magical and unforgettable holiday.

10. A great idea is to refresh old vases and bottles. It is not difficult to do this, you can find a great many master classes on this subject on the Internet.

11. Don’t forget to decorate the chair on which the bride will sit. She’s the main person at the party!

12. And one last thing. Getting ready for the bachelorette party, it is worth watching home video, choose the most appropriate moments from it and make a cut of them, accompanied by humorous remarks and wishes. Some girls-friends of the bride, afraid to be upset during the congratulations, so you can record a video greeting in advance, and at the hen party to present it as a surprise.

Take care also of a multimedia projector in advance, learn how to operate it and prepare a wall (screen) to show photos and videos.