Wedding car decorations with your own hands

car decoration

Cars are decorated with ribbons, bouquets and figurines. Often you can see a wedding motorcade without these decorative elements. But which of these options is considered the most popular?

How to decorate a wedding motorcade?

In order to decorate the transport for the wedding, you do not have to spend money on masters. It can be done with your own hands.

Popular options for decorating the motorcade are considered balloons and ribbons. Recent success among the decorations are drawings, for which you only need paint and a stencil.

Decorating with ribbons, flowers, butterflies and toys

Often in the decoration of motorcades live flowers are used, but not always the newlyweds remember that sooner or later such a decoration can wither, and after a few hours the luxury car will look miserable. In this case, you should come up with a quick replacement for the wilted flowers.

If you use ribbons, decorative butterflies or toys, you should be careful, because if you use low-quality glue or a substance of strong fixation, you can cause damage to property – both your own and someone else’s.

The best is to decorate with ribbons, from which you can create everything: bows, bouquets, patterns, etc. At the same time, it is worth attaching the ribbons on a lightweight glue.

How to decorate a wedding car with flowers and tulle

If you do not want to spoil your composition with flaccid bouquets, you can use artificial compositions, which do not differ from the real ones. Such flowers are easiest to use on the hood.

If you want the car to look more luxurious, you can add an additional element to the composition. Tulle is excellent with plants. Attach the material should be on the tips, then it will seem light and airy, will not adhere to the surface.

Decorating door handles

It is not always necessary to clutter the car handle with various decorations. It will be enough to use a ribbon or decor made in the style of the main design.

You can also attach small bows from tulle, ribbons and other improvised materials to the handles.

Decorating the bride and groom’s car

How to decorate the car of the bride and groom

The main car at the wedding is the car of the bride and groom. The car should stand out against the backdrop of the motorcade. Most often the vehicle is decorated in the same style.

The vehicle of the newlyweds stand out with a heart, rings, bouquets, various romantic compositions, as well as balloons and fabrics. On the hood you can place dolls, swans or bears in love.

Wedding rings on the roof

Wedding rings are most often placed on the roofs of cars, but without additional decor, they look gloomy and not harmonious. They are often equipped with fresh flowers, they create a romantic setting and give tenderness to the composition.

Also as an additional decoration use balls, but they should not be inflated too much, so they do not break when touching the car.

Hood Decoration

If you do not want to think about decorating the hood of the car, you should just fix a few ribbons on it, but against the backdrop of the procession it looks cheap. That is why a composition of flowers, butterflies and other decorations are installed on the hood.

When decorating the hood always try to create a certain figure, you can also decorate the ribbons with flowers, bows and butterflies.

Trunk decoration

The trunk of the vehicle often remains untouched, but newlyweds can make a drawing or sticker on the rear window of the car. Also, sometimes ribbons are used on it. Rarely, a heart-shaped arrangement of flowers can be seen on the trunk of the car.

Door decoration

As for the doors, they try to decorate minimally, as when opening the balls on them can burst, and ribbons or flowers – tore. Only door handles are used, decorating them with bows or flowers, and sometimes ribbons are attached on top.

car decoration

How to beautifully decorate a car for wedding guests

If you order a motorcade for the wedding, then you should not worry about how the car will be decorated, because in this case everything will be done in the same style.

If the car belongs to each of the guests, then it is worth approaching this issue carefully. You should talk to the newlyweds and ask what style they use to decorate their own car.

The guests’ car is different in that it should have a minimum of decorations. It can be a small arrangement of flowers, balloons or ribbons. However, you need to remember that the decorations on different cars look different, because everything depends on its color and brand, which is why you should have several options for decoration.

What else can you decorate the wedding car?

In addition to basic decorations, you can use hearts made of ribbons and fresh flowers, inscriptions and drawings, floral compositions made of paper.

Now the fashion has reached the point that wedding motorcades are painted with various patterns and paintings, but for this it must be good weather.

Outfits with magnets

If you’re tired of plain and boring decorations, you can use magnets, which have many advantages.

  • They don’t leave marks on the car.
  • Do not change due to weather conditions.
  • Can be used on any part of the car.
  • Can be re-glued and reused.

Despite these advantages, there are also disadvantages.

  • They are not bulky, due to which they do not develop in the wind.
  • Magnets will require more than conventional decorations, which will hit the pocket of the newlyweds.
car decoration

Option of decorating with flowers

Flowers can be used not only on hoods and trunks, but also on the roof together with the rings. Small bouquets of fresh or artificial flowers can be used on the handles of the doors.

Wedding Stickers

Wedding stickers for wedding car decorations are used to decorate the windows. Stickers can also be attached to the car hood and side doors and windows. Stickers with silhouettes of the bride and groom are glued on the newlyweds car to make the car stand out.