Wedding decor with their own hands

wedding decor

A wedding is the consolidation of the union between a man and a woman. The holiday represents their strong feelings and warmth. The celebration does not happen often, and so the newlyweds want to celebrate it widely and cheerfully.

The lovers devote a lot of time to organization. Everyone wants to make the ceremony perfect. The banquet, renting a place and, of course, themed decor are put on par with the appearance of the future spouses.

Not everyone has the ability to hire an expert to create the decor. In such cases, independent measures are taken to improve the festive atmosphere by creating decorations. The main thing in this case is to stock up on the right tools and develop a unified style.

Everyone has imagination; it will serve as an important component of success. Not only saving money by avoiding a specialist affects the independence of the partners, but also the desire for uniqueness plays a role.

Many people are attracted to the uniqueness of solutions to the decor, the usual solutions began to get bored. Employees often adhere to exacting standards in their activities.

Already from the festive day, young people open their own cell of society, show the manifestation of feelings with decorations.

Classic Wedding Decorations.

Before procuring funds for creative activities, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with exactly what will come in handy in addition to the expected items. Newlyweds should be guided by the style of the celebration, venue and invited guests.

The requests of the celebrants are paramount. It is their wishes that influence the decor and conduct of the wedding as a whole.

Traditional inventory

  1. Wedding invitations serve to notify guests;
  2. Special seating cards are used to avoid fuss and mess with seating. Ideal for celebrations with a large number of invitees;
  3. Garlands should be chosen in a floral or illuminated form;
  4. What wedding without a bouquet and boutonniere? Each newlywed must have personal paraphernalia;
  5. Candles are needed for the altar and the room;
  6. Buy glasses and champagne. Everyone is on hand to create wedding glass decor that will enhance the celebration;
  7. For cash gifts, a storage system will be required.

One style should be maintained for all components of the decor. It will be ridiculous to single out some object against the background of the others. It is desirable to perform the same motifs in the pattern, color and texture of materials.

Pay attention to samples of wedding floristics and decor that were made by people like you.

Wedding invitations by yourself.

Even without the involvement of professionals, you can make invitations with your own hands. Reflect your taste and style in the booklets.

It is recommended to send the invitations 1-2 months before the celebration. This way, all the guests will settle their affairs and will definitely be able to come.

This time they will spend on buying their own outfit, a gift to the bride and groom. It is better to give invitations in person to the guest, but if this is not possible, there are courier deliveries.

For the text, use a printer or if you have a beautiful handwriting, write the words yourself by hand. People create wedding decorations with their own hands, and it looks presentable.

Many have become accustomed to the use of stencils. It is attached to the material of the future invitation. Decorating the memo is done with beads, feathers or sequins. Creative people will love this process.

wedding decor

Cover for marriage certificates

Within the walls of the registry office newlyweds formalize their relationship, receiving a certificate of marriage. To keep the document intact, you need to make him a cover. It should be rather thick. Employees of the institution provide folders from printing houses. But not everyone likes their appearance.

You can easily do without the purchase, you just need to stick to having the right tools in the arsenal:

  • Scrapbooking paper,
  • Thin cardboard,
  • Ribbons of materials such as satin or guipure,
  • Cotton fabric,
  • Bound cardboard, reaching a thickness of 1.5-2 millimeters,
  • Flowers,
  • Paints and adhesives.

Use photos of wedding decorations as a guide, and use them to create your own product. There are a lot of schemes in the sources, there is room for imagination to play.

Scheme of seating of guests

If there is a large mass of invited guests, you need to take care of having a special strategy. It is very important that everyone has enough space.

Mistakes at this stage of preparation lead to quarrels and misunderstandings at the celebration. Take into account the relationship in which the guests are.

Do not sit next to those who do not digest each other. The plan is drawn up on a piece of wattan or heavy paper. It is necessary to prescribe the details to the smallest detail. The scheme can be decorated with flowers, ribbons and photographs.

On the tables in advance set up cards with the names of the invitees. Place prepared by making the decor of the wedding table with the means of decor.

Choose the same font for all the cards. Do not forget about the decoration of these cards. Patterns, bows will do.

Decorate the alert sign by folding the material in half. This is done to strengthen the design. Masters have learned to use additional means in the form of caramels and gingerbread, which are placed beforehand on the cards.

Decor of glasses for weddings

For centuries, people have been smashing utensils at weddings. This is a gesture of happy marriage between lovers. For such a purpose, crystal glasses are chosen.

In addition to decorating wedding accessories, the containers themselves are also decorated. Beads are used. Rhinestones, glittering paints and other means.

wedding decor

Pillow for the rings

People who have secured the marriage, take the rings from special pillows. Usually employees of the registry office offer their own saucers, but it is possible to make a festive bed yourself. Satin or velvet pillow serve as a variation of the item. They have embroidery, beading or rhinestones on them.

The celebrants choose the shape of the item to their taste. Handmade work will make the celebration more unique. Relatives can take responsibility for the production of the pillow. It will be a real surprise for the bride and groom.

Wedding decorations made with their own hands will catch the eyes of the guests. Many will admire the independence of the groomsmen. Joint activity will strengthen the relationship between the participants of the relationship and organize their leisure.

At the celebration itself, there is nothing better than to admire the offspring of their labor.