Bouquet of the bride by hand: master-classes with step-by-step photos

bouquet of the bride

The most important attribute of the bride’s delicate and elegant image is a bouquet that emphasizes her beauty and personality. And if before it was ordered in the nearest flower shop, now many girls are engaged in making a bouquet with their own hands, as this is a great opportunity to relax before the wedding and create something unique for your celebration. If you also like to do creative work, you may well create a stylish and romantic bouquet of the bride with their own hands, I am sure the portal!

How to make a wedding bouquet out of fresh flowers?

Wedding bouquet can be composed of roses, which can be complemented by other delicate inflorescences and greenery, creating a romantic and sophisticated floral composition. How to make such an important accessory with your own hands, you will learn next!

Materials and tools:

  • plants: roses of different sizes, alstromeria, wax flower, fern;
  • floral ribbon;
  • ribbons of white, pink and burgundy colors;
  • scissors;
  • wire cutters;
  • glue;
  • decorative needles.

Time: 30-40 minutes.

Step-by-step instructions:

Prepare the plants: remove the thorns and excess leaves from the bottom of the stems so that your assembled bouquet looks neat. Assemble 4-5 pieces of fern sprigs into a fan-shaped bouquet, joining the branches crosswise.

Place three large roses in the center as the focal elements of the bouquet, complete the composition with smaller roses, placing them on the edge.

Add a few sprigs of alstromeria and a wax flower, filling the empty space between the roses. If necessary, complete the bouquet with a fern, making it more lush and airy.

Tie the stems with floral ribbon, leaving their edges open. Tip: Don’t try to hide all the stems under the ribbon, this is already considered bad taste! Open stems are a major trend in wedding bouquets!

Wrap white satin ribbon around the stems, hiding the floral ribbon underneath. The edges of the ribbon can be secured with a decorative needle or glue.

Cut ribbons of different colors in lengths of 50-60 cm. Fold the ribbons as shown in the picture and fasten them with a needle at a distance of 5-6 cm from the beginning of the fold.

Pin the ribbons to the bouquet.

The tender bouquet for the bride is ready!

Silk flowers for the bride

If your wedding is planned for the cold season, then you may well make for yourself a bouquet of silk flowers, which will not lose its beauty even in the cold and wind. In addition, this version of the wedding bouquet can be used as a stand-in, which you will throw to your girlfriends. How to make such an accessory with your own hands, you will learn below.

Idea: extraordinary brides may like the original wedding bouquet without flowers, created from non-standard materials (paper, brooches, gifts of nature, etc.).

Materials and tools:

  • silk flowers to choose from: peonies, roses, hydrangea, etc;
  • wire cutters;
  • scissors;
  • floral ribbon;
  • decorative tape.

Time: 30-40 minutes.

bouquet of the bride

Step-by-step instructions:

Trim off any unwanted leaves close to the end of the stem.

Choose a few large inflorescences that will be the focal elements of the bouquet, make up the base of the bouquet with them.

Add other inflorescences around the edges of the bouquet, keeping it rounded.

Using floral tape, firmly tie the flower stems together.

Using wire cutters, cut the stems to the desired length.

Tie a decorative ribbon to the stem of the bouquet, disguising the floral ribbon underneath. Bouquet of silk flowers ready!

Bouquet of brides with their own hands: mini master classes

Portal told you on the example of two master classes, how to make a bridal bouquet with your own hands from fresh and silk flowers. For creative inspiration, we give you a couple more brief master classes, which clearly show how you can make a wedding bouquet of various shapes and sizes.

Bouquet of unusual shape

Usually the wedding bouquet has a spherical shape, but no one prevents you from making this accessory any other, more interesting shape, emphasizing your individuality. For example, as the basis for the bridal bouquet you can use a wooden hoop: weave greenery into it, decorate it with bright inflorescences, fixing them with a floral ribbon. And you will have an unusual bouquet with your own hands!

Rainbow bouquet with ranunculus

Tender and romantic in the image of the bride look “dreamy” ranunculus. How to make a wedding bouquet with such flowers? Very simply! As a clear example, you can use the following master class.

bouquet of the bride

Options for use

To create a bouquet of the bride with their own hands, you can use both fresh flowers and textile flowers, which will not lose their beauty under the scorching sunlight or in the cold. Complement the delicate inflorescences should be greenery, emphasizing their beauty. Well and complete the creation of the entire composition should be a beautiful ribbon or other decorative element (brooch, pearl threads, etc.).

Tip: portbouquets have long gone out of fashion, so to create a bridal bouquet with your own hands it is better to use more original bases or leave the stems open at all, adhering to the fashionable trends in wedding floristics.

Similarly, you can create not only a luxurious bouquet for the bride, but also many other things for the wedding:

A duplicate bouquet, which the bride tosses to her bridesmaids to see which one will marry next.

Mini bouquets for the bridesmaids (as a distinction for the witness or as a thank you to the bridesmaids).

Floral arrangements for decor (if a hearty home celebration is planned, then the bride may well make their own hands small bouquets that will decorate the surrounding space).

And one last tip: creating a bouquet of the bride with her own hands from fresh flowers, do not forget to leave a few of the same flowers for the groom’s boutonniere. Then the image of your couple on the wedding day will be perfect to the last detail!