Beach wedding: 7 tips for newlyweds

beach wedding

While restaurants are closed and large gatherings of people in confined spaces are forbidden, we advise all couples who have a wedding planned for the near future to transfer both the ceremony and the banquet to the fresh air. A beach wedding ceremony will be especially colorful in summer.

The residents of southern seaside regions are the luckiest ones, but even if you are far away from the sea, a river beach or a sandy shore of a lake or a pond will do. Today let’s discuss all the details of the beach wedding and give useful tips for its preparation in order to avoid embarrassing moments and major mistakes.

A deserted beach

What image arises before your eyes when you imagine a beach wedding? Surely a deserted and very beautiful place by the water, the sand under your feet, the green palm trees or other trees nearby. To make the dream come true, you have to look for a secluded beach, where your romantic ceremony will not be stared at by the crowd of tourists.

Public city beaches can’t be closed for the event, so it is better to choose a small private beach, the territory of which belongs to a hotel or restaurant.

The proximity to civilization will allow easy use of the kitchen, rent the necessary equipment and hire staff to serve your party. However, do not write off and remote wild beaches, where rarely set foot man. They have their own charm and advantages.

Most likely, your location will be unique – no wedding flow and the same photos in the same places.

In addition, the proximity to nature and remoteness from urban infrastructure creates a unique atmosphere for the ceremony and banquet, which can’t be compared with any restaurant or other equipped venue. But, of course, in this case, the process of preparation will be more complex, and you definitely can’t do without an organizer.

Only a professional will be able to provide all the nuances and think through the imperceptible dilettante little things, on which ultimately depends on the success of the entire holiday.

Evening ceremony

A wedding on the beach in the daytime can be a great experience for the couple and especially for the guests. The process of waiting for the ceremony tends to stretch, and the scorching sun and hot sand will only aggravate the situation. In the height of summer, it is better to move the wedding ceremony to the evening, when the sun is no longer as active. The most touching moment of exchange of vows and wedding rings can be arranged at sunset, then the magical photos and the stunning atmosphere of the entire action are guaranteed. This format is suitable for a mostly young wedding, so that most of the guests can walk around the banquet all night.

Plan B

A beach wedding, like any outdoor celebration, is always a risk. The weather is fickle and can make adjustments even to the best-crafted scenario. Be sure to have a backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances. A beach wedding is best organized near a covered venue where you can move the ceremony and banquet in case of heavy rain. If your celebration is in a secluded location, take care of a tent or awning where you can shelter from the weather. As a last resort, purchase umbrellas – they will save the situation if the ceremony cannot be moved under the roof.

Keep in mind that evenings by the water are usually cooler than in the city. So it’s a good idea to rent some outdoor gas heaters and prepare plaids for your guests. And when choosing a tent for the banquet, choose the one with polyethylene walls – they guarantee protection from strong winds and slanting rain.

Summer menu

The menu for a summer wedding is strikingly different from the hearty and nutritious dishes that are so good to serve in the fall and winter. Light salads and appetizers, dishes with lots of vegetables, low-fat foods, dressings, sauces and desserts, and lots of fresh fruits and berries are the basis for treats at a beach wedding.

Don’t forget the refreshments! Bottled water should always be readily available for guests, including during the ceremony.

Fresh, non-alcoholic cocktails based on fruits and berries, homemade morses and lemonades, iced tea, ice coffee, and flavored water with lemon or lime, cucumber, or mint are all great ideas. In hot weather we advise you to refuse strong alcoholic drinks or minimize their content, for example, to make popular cocktails based on strong alcohol. Give preference to white dry wine, cold champagne or liqueurs with plenty of ice.

You can’t do without refrigerators on the beach: cool drinks and exceptionally fresh food are indispensable attributes of a hot summer party. Preservation of desserts and wedding cake is also impossible without a refrigerator. And for spectacular serving of seafood, sushi, ice cream and drinks, you can use ice stands. This is functional, beautiful and very unusual.

Important Details

A beach ceremony and banquet involves many important nuances, without taking into account which you and your guests will be at least uncomfortable.

A wooden podium is necessary if you are not going to walk down the aisle barefoot, but in shoes and even more so in heels.

Umbrellas are needed not only in case of rain. They will protect guests from the scorching sun during the ceremony if you have planned it for lunchtime.

As a compliment to your guests, choose something that will come in handy during the celebration: sunglasses, a straw hat, refreshing napkins, thermal water, a fan.

When indicating the dress code on the invitation, remind your guests to choose outfits made of natural lightweight materials, comfortable open-toed shoes, and to bring their own hats.

Don’t forget about lighting if your ceremony or banquet is scheduled for late afternoon.

The sound of waves and wind

The coast, especially the seaside, is often noisy because of the waves and wind. And even on a river beach in strong waves, water noise can drown out words and gusts of wind carry them away, making it impossible to hear the bride and groom’s vows even from a short distance. Speakers and a microphone can help solve this problem – for the most important words.

Keep in mind that all wedding decor should be massive or heavy enough so that it won’t be carried away by the wind. The same applies to tables and chairs: it is better to take care of the weights, just in case, than to catch flying furniture. If you want to use candles in the decor, be sure to put them in glass vases. That way, they won’t go out and create a fire hazard.

beach wedding

Dress Code

A beach wedding is a great way to lower the degree of officiousness at your celebration. Guests can afford shorter outfits, no tight ties, corsets and thick heavy fabrics – better if the skin will breathe. Ceremony on the sand does not require shoes, and no one will not look askance at your bare feet. This also applies to the bride and groom. And if everyone got used to girls in short wedding dresses a long time ago, then men in shorts as a wedding attire can cause confusion anywhere, but not on the beach.

For brides still relevant and fresh look crop top models, and not even with a skirt, but with pants or shorts. And, of course, for the beach ceremony suit dresses with an open back, from light and transparent fabrics, with slits and non-traditional shades. Headdresses that do not have to be removed will also be a great functional accessory to complement the image of the groom, bride and each of the guests.

Make the most of the summer season and hot weather. Get out of the urban jungle into nature, don’t sit in stuffy and cramped rooms, create the wedding of your dreams by putting our tips into practice!