9 budget-friendly finds for wedding hall decor

wedding hall decor

1. Decor that works

Reusing decor elements throughout the day is a significant money saver. A wedding arch that changes and acts as a photo area. Columns with floral arrangements that work both for the ceremony and serve as backdrop decoration for the presidium. It’s better to choose quality decor on the main locations and try to make the most of it than to decorate all the areas, but somehow.

2. Use seasonal flowers

Floristry plays a huge role in the overall wedding decor picture. But the price of live floristry often exceeds the cost of the rest of the decor. If your decorating budget is limited – you can save money on floral arrangements. Ask your florist for help selecting seasonal inexpensive flowers – this way floral arrangements can be twice as cheap.

3. Avoid lush floral arrangements on tables.

There’s no rule that says you have to have flowers on the table! Other elements can take their place. Candles, glassware, lamps, lanterns and geometric decor are all great options for guest table centerpieces.

4. Use lots of candles.

Don’t underestimate the power and beauty of candles. Low lighting scattered around the room can create a magical atmosphere and give the space a beautiful glow. You can combine candles in lanterns, candle holders, and use bulk candles in flasks.

Check with your banquet manager to see if they allow you to decorate the room with candles. Some banquet venues prohibit the use of candles as a safety precaution.

5. Use extra light.

Lighting can completely transform a space, which is a plus when decorating a wedding on a small budget. The banquet room can be decorated with retro garlands and diode strings, hanging them from the ceiling or along the walls. And outside, in the lounge or check-out area, you can wrap light garlands around trees and use them as a canopy between the branches. The extra light will immediately add romance and coziness.

6. Use lots of greenery.

Whether it’s eucalyptus garlands, giant tropical leaves, potted ferns, or wreaths of olive branches, greenery has the ability to add natural elegance to your wedding décor without the expense. You can use greenery anywhere and it will look great: on the backs of chairs, around the center of tables and even on the ground.

wedding hall decor

7. Mix fresh flowers with decorative

Ask your decorator about adding large “hats” of decorative hydrangeas or other artificial flowers to live floral arrangements. This way you can save on the floral budget without losing either the volume or the appearance of the banquet hall. Quality decorative flowers in such a mix will be indistinguishable from live ones, and you can save a lot of money.

8. Focus on the main areas.

Instead of trying to decorate as many areas as possible – focus on decorating 1-2 main locations, they will matter more in the appearance of the space. It’s better to pay attention to beautifully decorating the ceremony area, which will be used as a photo area throughout the evening. Or you can decorate the presidium and back stage in a dignified manner, as the guests’ eyes will be directed there throughout the evening. Focusing on one or two zones, you can create “wow” effect without spending the whole budget on decorations.

9. Make small decorations with your own hands.

It could be decorating a ring box. Or maybe you want to make your own gifts for guests, or take a calligraphy lesson and sign the invitations. Handmade decor will help cut costs and add a piece of your soul to your holiday decorating.