Decorating Chairs at a Wedding

chairs decorating

When decorating a wedding venue on their own, chairs are often forgotten. And after all, the overall look and atmosphere of the celebration depends on each item.

Beautifully decorated furniture, combined with each other, with the general atmosphere of the hall and the theme of the celebration, will create the right environment and mood. Therefore, when choosing a bride’s dress, car ribbons and decorations for the hall, do not forget to “dress up” the chairs, especially since there are many ways to do this.

As the chair, so the decor!

First of all, you need to decide which chairs will be used at the takeout ceremony or look at the chairs at the restaurant where the banquet will be held. How they look and what they are made of will determine the choice of decorating them.

Chiavari chairs are found at most Western weddings, and they are becoming popular with us as well. These are versatile chairs, on which bows of burlap, delicate ribbons, garlands, floral decorations look beautiful. A more economical and lightweight option, especially for take-out ceremonies, are folding chairs. They can be decorated with paper garlands, lace, ribbons, scraps of fabric.

Upholstered chairs look self-sufficient, you can add a highlight by decorating the back with a floral wreath, a wooden plaque, garland of lace or flowers.

More and more popular is gaining wrought iron furniture, which in itself looks chic. However, even such furniture décor will not hurt: branches and floral arrangements, ribbons, wooden plaques, etc. Classic chairs are most often painted black, brown or gold. If their color scheme does not fit your wedding format at all, an indispensable element of their decor are covers, bows, capes and more.

The main material for decorating chairs is a fabric, its main advantage is the possibility to pick up the material of the color and texture you want. Additionally, beads, emblems, figurines, fresh flowers and more are used.

Decoupage technique

Today there are many techniques with which to create decor. One of the popular is decoupage. Its essence is the attachment of a picture, drawing on any object with subsequent coating of varnish.

The stages of creating a box in this technique:

Purchase napkins, glue and varnish. Clean the box on which the glue will be applied. We dip the napkin in water and separate the layer with the pattern. Carefully place the cloth on the box and dab the glue on top. After drying, cover the finished product with varnish (so it will stay in good condition longer).

If desired, various decorative elements (sequins, rhinestones or lace) are added.

Decorating chairs for weddings with bows

If you have decided what chairs you will have at your wedding, you should immediately think about their decoration. Hugely popular are fabric bows, which will allow you to give lightness and add a color accent. A wide range of textures and colors allows you to implement a variety of ideas.

Classic chairs of a suitable color for you or chairs with refined backs do not want to cover them with covers, so they can be decorated with bows. How to tie a bow depends on your imagination and skills. We offer several ways to make bows on wedding chairs with your own hands:

You will need a wide (about 30-35 cm) organza ribbon of 1.5 meters in length. On the back of the chair we tie it in such a way that the beautiful knot “looks” into the hall. Tie a simple bow by looping the ends of the ribbon The resulting bow is a good spread.

Traditional bow with a double turn, is also done, but the back of the chair wrap the ribbon twice.

Slightly less pompous look creates a knot, but it is one of the popular and quick ways to decorate chairs.

Throw a piece of fabric over the back of the chair, pull all the loose fabric into a bundle and fix it with a beautiful strap or braid. Spread the fabric.

Decorating chairs for weddings with bows

These ways of tying a bow are the easiest and fastest way to decorate chairs for weddings.

Flirting with flowers.

Flowers can be used to transform the banquet hall and create a pleasant atmosphere. Flowers for decoration and the bride’s bouquet should be in the same style.

Do not forget that each flower has its own symbolism, so the bouquets can also serve as a coded message for the guests or a declaration of love for the young.

You can decorate the hall with your favorite flowers of a certain shade. The following recommendations may serve as a source of inspiration for you.

Place a vase of flowers on each table:

Place candles on the tables and scatter petals of fresh flowers around them. Transparent candle holders can also be filled with petals:

Very popular today is the decoration of the banquet hall with sunflowers. This inexpensive flower not only looks unusual, but also causes positive emotions on a subconscious level.

chairs decorating

Chair covers for weddings

Another common way to decorate chairs is a chair cover. This is a great way to “disguise” the unpresentable part of the chair. More often than not, only the backs are covered with covers, since the consumption of fabric for decorating the entire chair will be quite large. If you plan to make wedding chair covers with your own hands, it is better to buy an inexpensive fabric – crepe-satin, which looks similar to satin. Also for sewing covers for wedding chairs you can use these fabrics:

  • Linen – canvas, canvas;
  • Cotton – twill, satin, gabardine, etc.;
  • Silk – satin, brocade, crepe-satin;
  • synthetic furniture and dress fabrics.

To decorate chairs are used covers of these types:

  • tight-fitting;
  • loose;
  • cape cover.

The first option is the most difficult to make, because you need accurate measurements of the chair, a template, without a professional seamstress here is not a do-over. For those who want to create their own wedding covers, it is better to use the last two methods, and brooches, ribbons, organza and a little imagination will allow to further decorate it. If you show creativity, you can do without sewing, just wrap the chair with a piece of beautiful fabric, and decorate it with batting or a floral arrangement.

Order of work

Having sorted out the preparations, let’s get down to business.

Take a screwdriver and unscrew the existing bolts. Then remove the seat from the base.

Remove the old upholstery by unscrewing and removing the brackets.

Measure the perimeter of the seat, add 3-5 centimeters to the hem (depending on the height of the seat), and measure these parameters on the fabric. Another, simpler way: put the seat on a piece of fabric, and trace the outline with a pencil. Add 3 to 5 centimeters. And get the same result.

Then you need to cut the fabric according to the outlined marks.

Fix the material to the seat. You will need a stapler for this. Gradually lay the fabric on the back side of the chair, and attach it with staples. You can staple it to the base beforehand, so it won’t shift as you staple it.

Measure the back side of the seat (to which we attached the material), and cut out the appropriate silhouette from the backing fabric.

Using the same technique, secure the lining, covering the upholstery attachment points.

The final step: screw the seat back onto the base of the chair. Done!

Decorating wedding chairs with ribbons

A great alternative to fabric capes, covers and bows can be called bright satin ribbons.

The most important thing is to choose ribbons so that they match the overall style of the wedding.

Often ribbons are used as decorations at outdoor ceremonies, when the ribbons develop, intertwine with each other and create movement. To create a romantic atmosphere, it is better to choose ribbons in pastel colors, and for a bright wedding, ribbons in more saturated colors will be perfect.

The latest trends – decor in the style of ambre, this effect is fashionable to achieve yourself by selecting ribbons of different shades. For example, at your wedding the main color blue, prepare about 10 shades of this color (from lighter to richer). Measure the height of the back of the chair, you will need ribbon twice as long. Cut 3-5 ribbons of the same size from each skein. We take the ribbon and wrap it around the back of the chair around the circumference, on both sides are “tails”, which are tied a beautiful knot. Tie the ribbons by color from the lighter to the brightest.

Master class on decorating chairs with their own hands

The decor of any wedding element can be made by yourself. We suggest making lace garlands from paper napkins with your own hands. For this we will need the following materials:

  • threads;
  • Pieces of any tape 2×15 cm;
  • 21 pieces each of lace paper napkins for 1 chair;
  • a glue gun.

Step-by-step instructions:

Roll paper lace napkins in a triangle and then glue 3 pieces at the bases to make a volume.

For a standard seating arrangement, 7 paper flowers will suffice, passing a string through their bases. At both ends of the garland there should be a loop left for the thread to cling to the back.

Fasten the paper flowers to the chair and decorate with colored ribbons. Add one paper napkin to each plate for a harmonious decor.

chairs decorating

How to decorate honeymoon chairs

The seats where the bride and groom will sit should be the best decorated.

The original solution would be covers of contrasting textiles, imitating the outfits of the young people. A bow tie and a beautiful hair ornament will look great.

Fans of everything unusual will appreciate pictures, caricatures, original drawings.

A great solution would be to entirely cover the backs of chairs with flowers.

Small plaques with the inscription “Newlywed”, “Newlywed” or with the initials of the newlyweds are also a great solution.

Chairs can also be decorated with traditional rings, doves, hearts and swans.

Any design solution can be used to decorate the chairs. It is only important that they fit in with the interior of the wedding hall as a whole.