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bridal luncheon

When is a bridal luncheon held

The wedding ceremony rehearsal usually takes place at the end of the day before the wedding day. It is almost always followed by an invitation to bridal luncheon, which is commonly referred to as the pre-wedding rehearsal dinner. If circumstances prevent the priest or one of the bride and groom’s companions from participating in the …


The true meaning of the veil

Surely every bride when choosing a dress thinks, where did the tradition of wearing this or that element of clothing come from? Gloves, garter, closed shoes, veil… With each little thing, with each attribute associated superstitions and customs. In this article we’re going to talk about one of the key parts of the bride’s image …

wedding decor

Wedding decor with their own hands

A wedding is the consolidation of the union between a man and a woman. The holiday represents their strong feelings and warmth. The celebration does not happen often, and so the newlyweds want to celebrate it widely and cheerfully. The lovers devote a lot of time to organization. Everyone wants to make the ceremony perfect. …

winter wedding decorations

Winter wedding decorations

Winter wedding decorations: Ideas for banquet hall decor, table settings, invitation decorations with examples and photos in the style of a winter fairy tale. It is traditionally considered that the best time for a wedding is summer, but a winter wedding can be no less impressive event. There are nuances and peculiarities in holding such …

ceiling decoration

Ceiling decoration for weddings

When planning a wedding, newlyweds try to take into account all the nuances in order to make the celebration a success. This especially concerns the decoration of the room in which the celebration will be held, because the overall impression of the holiday on the occasion of the marriage ceremony in the guests will be …

wedding hall

Decorating the wedding hall: the best ideas

Despite the fact that for many popular styles of wedding the ideal venue is nature, most brides still prefer restaurants and cafés. A celebration in nature, of course, is a very attractive idea: picturesque landscapes are the main decoration of the celebration, so often there is no need to spend money on a photo area …

beach wedding

Beach wedding: 7 tips for newlyweds

While restaurants are closed and large gatherings of people in confined spaces are forbidden, we advise all couples who have a wedding planned for the near future to transfer both the ceremony and the banquet to the fresh air. A beach wedding ceremony will be especially colorful in summer. The residents of southern seaside regions …