Wedding decorations in geometric style

wedding decorations

The celebration in honor of the marriage should be unforgettable. An unusual and creative solution will be a wedding in geometric style. Precise and clear forms are the trend of this year.

What is a geometric wedding?

Geometry is very popular this wedding season. But so far, a geometric wedding can not be called familiar and commonplace. Therefore, this idea is the choice of newlyweds who like creativity. It involves the use of various clear figures in the decoration of the hall, accessories and serving the banquet table.

The main rules are:

  • Use geometric shapes at the wedding wherever it is acceptable, but try not to go overboard;
  • smooth lines (circle, oval) to avoid – squares, polygons, broken lines will look better;
  • You can choose any shades.
  • To make the celebration a success, it is important to maintain a consistent style in all details  from the images of the newlyweds to the design of the wedding cake.


Any color design is suitable, the main thing is to use beautiful combinations of shades. The main task is to emphasize the theme of the celebration.

In the decor of the hall are used:

  • garlands of volumetric figures;
  • frames and suspended constructions from slats or wire, decorated with flowers or climbing plants
  • panels or pictures with bright geometric drawings (they can be placed in the photo area).

When laying the table use:

  • tablecloths with an ornament of lines, figures;
  • square plates;
  • vases in the form of polyhedrons;
  • napkins folded in the shape of figures;
  • polygonal pads under the plates.

Geometric shapes at weddings

The theme of the wedding should be maintained when choosing accessories.

Including in the design of wedding polygraphy:

  • invitations;
  • banquet cards;
  • menus.

Geometric décor at weddings is also used for decorating dishes. Example: the tiers of the wedding cake make three different shapes – square, circle, hexagon. You can order sweets for the candy bar in the form of various shapes or emphasize the theme of the celebration with toppers in the form of rhombuses or triangles.

Geometric arches for weddings

Geometric arches for weddings are an important design element. They can be made in the form of:

  • hexagon;
  • triangle;
  • a three-dimensional polyhedron.

Geometric wedding arches are made of metal profiles, wooden slats or other material. Decorate the arches with greenery, flowers, candles, garlands.

wedding decorations

Prepare the celebration with your own hands

With a small wedding budget, you have to save on many things. A geometric wedding with your own hands is not difficult.

You should start by drawing up a plan, thinking through all the little things. Many details are easy to make with your own hands from cardboard, paper, slats or wire. Some of the elements can be rented.

Start preparing for the wedding in advance, at least six months in advance. This will allow you to act without much haste. It is not necessary to decorate the hall, make invitations, banquet cards and other decorations only by yourself – friends and friends of the young couple can help organize a beautiful celebration with minimal expenses.