Paper lanterns for weddings

paper lanterns

Every couple wants to see their wedding beautiful and original, to surprise their guests with the decoration and the celebration. If you don’t know how to make your wedding even more colorful, paper lanterns can help you. They come in several kinds: lanterns with which you can decorate the hall, they are absolutely safe and will delight your guests and you throughout the wedding evening, and lanterns with a burning element that can be launched into the sky at the end of the evening. You may very well use both types of lanterns to organize your perfect wedding.

Suspended Lanterns

Such an element of decor as hanging lanterns came to us from China, there they are widely used in the Lantern Festival. The Chinese themselves call this holiday a small New Year. This Chinese holiday originated at the same time as Buddhism. According to the beliefs back then, the sky was illuminated by a full beautiful moon, and the people who lived at that time saw angels dancing in the sky. The next year, the residents also wanted to celebrate this wonderful holiday and admire the dancing of the heavenly creatures, but they didn’t see them anymore, and the moon was hidden behind the clouds. It was then resourceful residents have decided to replace the light of the moon, the soft glow of paper lanterns, angels they certainly have not seen, but the holiday and has remained and is celebrated these days.

So, the first type of paper lanterns, is the one that can safely decorate your celebration. A big plus of decorating the hall with paper lanterns is that they are quite inexpensive, but they look very smart. If you decide to have your wedding outdoors or in marquees outdoors, paper lanterns will be just the solution you need. It is quite possible to make a wedding arch out of paper balloons. This arch is usually installed at the entrance to the venue, as well as at the table of the newlyweds. This arch is quite easy in the performance and looks quite unusual. Paper lanterns can also fill the entire ceiling of the room. Especially relevant this solution for weddings that take place in marquees outdoors. Paper lanterns in this case will help hide all the fixtures and make the tent look more festive. They can also be a wonderful decoration for holiday tables. To create a romantic entourage in nature, perfectly suit glowing garlands of paper lanterns. Such decorations help to make the atmosphere romantic and fairy-tale.

Paper lanterns can be wonderfully combined with any other objects of the wedding reception decor. They can easily be combined with ribbons, balloons, paper butterflies, fresh or artificial flowers. 

Paper lanterns can easily help you realize any design fantasy without spending too much money.

Heavenly Lantern

The second type of paper lanterns – lanterns, which have a burning element and are launched into the sky. Such balloons are familiar firsthand to many people in love. Such lanterns many people in love launch on anniversaries, and even without the occasion. After all, flying up into the sky lantern is insanely beautiful and romantic.

Heavenly Lantern by design repeats the balloon, only on a much smaller scale. It includes a frame, which is made from heat-resistant paper and actually burning element. On our site you can buy sky lanterns. After lighting the element warm air rises up and fills the dome of the paper lantern, then it can be released and it gently soars upwards, carrying with it the innermost desires of the young.

Many newlyweds have already appreciated the advantages of paper lanterns. Undoubtedly one of the main pluses is that not many newlyweds use them in their wedding script, which means it will surprise the guests much more than the banal doves or something else common at many weddings. Another important plus of the sky balloons is that they can in no way harm the guests or the newlyweds if the safety precautions are followed. An important plus is the low price of this special effect. Many people in love make wishes in their mind, and you can use a colored marker to write your message to the sky and let go into the sky.

Paper lanterns should buy only in reputable stores accessories for celebrations, pyrotechnic stores. It is the quality that determines whether your lantern will fly into the sky or not. Poor quality paper lanterns can have a torn dome or spoiled frame. This will certainly spoil your event. It is also worth taking spare sky lanterns, thanks to their low price. Before you start, be sure to instruct those who will run the lanterns into the sky.

It is better to launch paper lanterns into the sky at night, then this action looks more spectacular, it creates a sense of wonder. It is for this sense of wonder and creating an atmosphere of romance paper lanterns are loved by many.

paper lanterns

For a more spectacular effect, we recommend launching sky lanterns at the right moment of the wedding event. In addition to sky lanterns, you can use such a special effect as colored smoke. And so, it is best to use lanterns in the evening or at night, and a smoke ball of colored smoke – to run during the day. We recommend using different colors at the same time, and smoke times, to create thicker smoke.

As the smoke disperses, the bright colors of the thick smoke mix with each other and create interesting figures and images.

So, the first scenario for launching paper lanterns is the newlyweds launching. The newlyweds can launch one lantern for two or they can each launch their own personal lantern into the sky. Both certainly look quite beautiful and interesting. It’s better to launch sky lanterns into the sky at a certain point, too. This moment will be the exit of the young couple from the registry office. True, such a stunning effect it will not produce, because it will be in the daylight hours, but still will please the guests. Another point is the wedding photo shoot. Of course, paper lanterns will help you to get beautiful and bright photos. And of course the last moment is the end of the evening, when the young people are already seeing off.

No less interesting will be the launching of paper lanterns by the guests, as a wish for a bright, beautiful life and mutual love to the young. The guests will certainly be very happy to participate in the creation of a personalized fairy tale for the main people of the wedding party. Usually in this case, paper lanterns are best launched at the very end of the evening, this will help add a beautiful note to the bride and groom’s send-off from the wedding reception.