A winter wedding in the style of a cozy fireplace room

winter wedding

An excellent option for a winter wedding will be a wedding in the style of a cozy fireplace room

A holiday in this style will give not only a sea of fun, but also warmth and a lot of positive emotions. The only nuance: such a cozy holiday will turn out only for a not very large company – no more than 30 – 40 people. The fact is that in a larger room it is quite difficult to create the right atmosphere.

Start the preparation of such a wedding should begin with the selection of the right wedding outfit for the bride. If you decided that the wedding reception will be held in winter and decided on the style of coziness and warmth, then, of course, and the image of the bride must be appropriate. Firstly, the dress should not be too austere or, on the contrary, frank or provocative. Relevant will be a traditional wedding attire that does not involve liberties or surprises. “Warming” element in such an outfit can be a cozy warm shawl, a small fur coat or a fur bolero. A dress trimmed with fur or swan feather will look great. Accessories are better to choose soft, pleasant colors – hair ornaments, handbags, shoes, a pillow for the wedding rings can be the color of Ivory, soft peach, light beige, wedding bouquet can be composed of delicate cream roses or flowers in dense burgundy color. Makeup should also be gentle and discreet. To do this, it is best to use pastel-colored cosmetics, without metallic glitter.

Proper wedding invitations and seating cards will also help to create the right atmosphere. They can be decorated in the style of vintage Christmas cards, to create a sense of coziness with a special pleasant touch of velvety paper and the right, soft colors.

The most responsible stage is to decorate the hall in which the celebration will take place. Of course, the ideal option would be a small, cozy fireplace room, in which it will be very easy to create a suitable atmosphere. In principle, the warmth of a real fireplace can be replaced by an electric fireplace, the main thing is the atmosphere and overall style. The feeling of warmth and coziness will create warm, lush colors – orange, burgundy, yellow, green. Heavy draperies of velvet, velour, beautiful tablecloths and napkins of pleasant, brown, beige hues, voluminous fabric decorations or chair covers will look great. The festive hall can be decorated with small spruce sprigs, decorated ribbons and toys, vases with bright, fragrant fruit, wide glasses with coffee beans. Also look great and decorative elements such as large candlesticks, massive, colored candles and bright tableware.

As for the festive menu, at such a feast will be quite appropriate juicy meat dishes, served in medieval style on large trays, a lot of vegetables and cuts. As a dessert, chocolate in all its forms – chocolate cakes, hot chocolate fountain, chocolates, etc. will be excellent. A great highlight of a wedding menu can also be an unusual punch served hot.

At such a cozy, pleasant celebration, the most important thing is not to let the guests relax too much and fall asleep – no one cancelled the fun and entertainment!