Wedding decor with their own hands: a complete guide, ideas

wedding decor

The organization of a solemn wedding is a labor-intensive process that requires clear and coordinated actions of the organizer and the couple. How to correctly decide on the main details, what should be paid attention to? Our article will fully disclose an interesting topic – wedding decor.

Wedding decor in the banquet hall

Decorating the room in which the celebration will take place, is one of the main stages of the pre-wedding preparation. After all, it is in the restaurant where most of the event takes place.

Before you begin, you need to decide on such basic points:

  • Stylistics and themes;
  • The color scheme;
  • The use of textiles;
  • Floral design.

Effectively decorating the cafe or restaurant will ensure the creation of a festive atmosphere.

Decorating a wedding venue with fabrics

An innovative trend is the use of textiles as decoration for the restaurant. They decorate columns, stairs, walls and ceilings.

There are two types of fabric that are suitable for such an occasion:

  • Canvases with a matte, heavy texture;
  • light and translucent textiles.

Popular varieties of drapery:

  • chiffon;
  • organza;
  • satin;
  • taffeta;
  • brocade.

The best option is considered a combination of two types of textiles when creating the desired compositions.

Decorating the table of the bride and groom

The table of the newlyweds is the central place of the banquet, which necessarily allocate a variety of ways:

  • Accentuate with an unusual coloring;
  • Set on a podium;
  • Decorate with drapery;
  • Decorate with a floral composition;
  • Accentuate with light.

The variant of how the table at which the newlyweds sit depends on the style of the celebration, creativity and creativity.

Be sure to decorate the place behind the bride and groom. The ideal solution – the use of different fabric combinations in the form of bows, trim, ruffles, draperies and other decorative things. The place behind the young people, decorated with a floral curtain and strings of beads looks stylish.

Backgrounds for photo shoots

Popular background ideas for photos:

  • Picture Gallery;
  • Garlands of ribbons, origami, fruit, paper figures;
  • Wall of buds and ferns;
  • A screen of greenery;
  • Chalkboard with drawings and inscriptions;
  • Wall of balloons;
  • Fabric backdrop.

The photo area is placed in a comfortable part of the room, preferably away from the table. In this case, the newlyweds and invitees can take pictures in peace without disturbing the others.

Garlands as a wedding decoration

Garlands can be made from paper, foil, large beads, textiles, and ribbons.

The banquet hall is often decorated with products of balloons, greenery, electric lights. In the trend are garlands of fruit, signs with various inscriptions.

It is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not violate the color scheme in which the decor of the room is made;
  • Leave a little space between the decorations;
  • Do not hang objects too low, otherwise they will impede the movement.

There are many options and ways to create garlands, the main thing is that they fit harmoniously into the overall background of the decoration.

Flowers for wedding hall decor

Live plants are able to give any room a bright and beautiful look. The overall impression of the hall depends on the properly selected tone of the floral compositions. At the wedding perfectly look floral variations in white-purple, white-pink, white-green tones. Flowers, with which the hall is decorated, should be combined with the bouquet of the newlywed, her outfit, as well as the groom’s boutonniere.

The disadvantage of living bouquets is their rapid fading without access to water. Therefore, attaching floral designs to the walls is not the best idea. They are mainly used to decorate the tables of the newlyweds and guests.

Roses, tulips, carnations, chrysanthemums and calla lilies are well suited for decorating the banquet hall. They keep fresh for a long time and do not wither.

wedding decor

The main elements of decor at a wedding away

Beautiful decoration of the marriage ceremony will create a perfect atmosphere and memory in the form of wedding photos, will give an unforgettable romance.

It is necessary to take into account all the details of the exit party, to accentuate them, to decorate in an original and stylish way.

Arch for photo sessions

The frame acts as a wooden, plastic or metal base. The design for the photo session is decorated:

  • balloons;
  • textiles;
  • florets;
  • sprigs of plants;
  • greenery;
  • cardboard figures.

The arch is often performed in a variety of combinations, guided by a common theme. As a complement are candles, vases, feathers, ribbons, strings of beads, wreaths.

The path to the altar

One of the most exciting moments of the marriage ceremony is the bride’s walk down the aisle.

Popular materials for decorating the walkway:

  • Fabric drapery;
  • Plastic;
  • Paper cloths;
  • Wood.

A slate to the altar with chalk inscriptions, a path studded with rose petals, a path lined with sea shells – these are just a few options for unusual decorations. On the sides you can put vases with bouquets, columns, improvised fence.

wedding decor

Chair Decorations

Chairs should match the style and color palette of the wedding. Ribbons, beads, and vines made of evergreen shrub leaves are used for the outdoor ceremony.

Classic bows will give the celebration an extra romantic touch. On the backs you can attach a neat flower bouquet, balloons, figurines of colored paper, cardboard, wreaths. Unusual solutions – moss, burlap, seashells.

Central compositions

The places for placing the newlyweds and guests should be decorated according to the style and theme of the ceremony. The central compositions are made mainly of fresh flowers – both bloomed copies and buds. They are also combined with branches of plants, moss, fabric, ribbons, candlesticks and candles.

Wedding Ceremony Lighting

Today, the young people often choose the evening time of the exit ceremony. In this case the lighting plays an important role. Light decorations create a unique atmosphere, emphasize the central structures, focus the attention on the important moments.

To do this, spotlights are used, which illuminate every detail, make an emphasis on floristics.

On the tables are placed incandescent lamps, candles, aroma lamps. The backs of chairs, the arch and the registrar’s table are decorated with garlands of electric lights and twinkling stars.

Seating plan, table numbers and cards

A seating plan is a diagram showing the tables and their numbers. Creatively made stand will fit perfectly into the overall picture, will be an addition to the decor.

The plan can be made of paper, fabric, leather, wood bark, written in chalk on the board, placed in a picture frame.

Complementing the scheme will be guest cards, which will emphasize the festive atmosphere and become an original souvenir in the future.

Deciding on a wedding theme

The theme and style is the initial stage of preparation. Once the stylistics and color palette are determined, you can proceed to the selection of necessary items for decoration.

Controlling the budget

Draw up a wedding budget in advance, detailing all expenses and the amount of money. If the wedding is organized by a designer, he should know right away what kind of budget he will have to work with.

Make a list of necessary things.

The list of things should take into account as much as possible all the important components of the decor. In it, we specify every detail and calculate the required number of items.

Important nuances

Visualizing ideas is not an easy matter. It can be quite difficult to explain your vision, dreams and fantasies to another person. It is advisable to create a wiseboard with designs, fonts, patterns, ornaments, shades that the couple liked.

Choosing floristics and lighting

It is advisable to decide in advance what flowers will be used in the work. Particular attention is paid to the lighting – not only the picture of the event as a whole, but also the quality of video and photographs depends on it.

The secrets of decoration

To organize a beautiful and memorable wedding, you need to know the following secrets.

The optimal combination of traditional and modern style.

Determining the location of each item and decoration.

Maintaining a unified style and thematic concept when decorating.

Harmonious combination of all parts of the decor.

Elegance, aesthetics of floral compositions.

Pay attention to the tips of a professional, which will help to determine the right combination of all elements and accessories.

wedding decor

Tips for decorating with your own hands

Often the young people perform the organization of the ceremony on their own. For this it is important to have three things – free time, desire and unlimited imagination.

Valuable tips for decorating with your own hands.

Combine a modern style with a traditional one in such a way that one of them slightly dominates.

Regularly browse thematic sites, look for interesting ideas and options, use the experience of other people.

Determine the main element and build on it, complementing it with various accessories.

An original and memorable wedding is impossible without a clear organization, selection of decorations and harmoniously combined decorative elements.

We hope that the complete wedding decorating guide will help in creating the unique atmosphere of your celebration.