Wedding table decorations, decorating options, colors

wedding table decorations

As the theater begins with a hanger, so the preparation for the marriage ceremony and celebration – with determining the themes and style. It is from these two components depends everything: the choice of venue, outfits, wedding table decoration, entertainment program. Properly chosen style and decoration of the venue will help to create a romantic atmosphere and a great mood for both the newlyweds and their guests. Such an event will always leave a mark in the memory.

Choice of Style

When planning a wedding, every couple dreams that the day will pass romantically and leave a mark forever. That’s why when preparing for the most important event, you need to think everything through, down to the smallest detail. The decoration of the banquet hall and tables receives special attention. The general style of the restaurant and the color of curtains, tablecloths and napkins should be in perfect harmony with each other.

Key points when decorating wedding tables:

  • On the tables of the newlyweds and guests should follow the same style of decor. So, for example, if there is an ikebana of tulips in front of the bride and groom, these flowers should occur throughout the hall.
  • If it is a “colored” wedding, the chosen shade should also be used in the design of the banquet table. It can be present in napkins, draperies of tablecloths.
  • It is worth decorating items that will be placed on the table of the newlyweds, in an unusual way. For example, champagne bottles, glasses can be decorated with ribbons, selected in the tone of the drapery of the chairs.

The place for the newlyweds is usually in the center of the banquet hall, so that every guest can see them. Many brides prefer to make decorations for wedding tables with their own hands. In this case, the course goes everything: embroidered napkins, decorated with improvised means, candles, tablecloths and flowers. Decorating the table for newlyweds, do not forget about the decoration of the lower part. To this end, the furniture is covered with a wide cloth, which will fall to the floor, and small lanterns, candles, flowers or garlands are placed below. At the end of the evening, when it gets darker, such decorative elements will emphasize all the beauty of the decoration.

The table for the guests should also be thought out to the smallest detail, because the relatives and friends who came to the celebration should not feel constrained. The newlyweds will need to think through a seating plan for the dearest to their hearts. One option is to place everyone at a large table, so that the relatives do not feel alienated and can have interesting conversations. The central part is best decorated with floral arrangements, but so that the decor does not cause discomfort.

An alternative seating arrangement is to place the guests at small tables of round or rectangular shape. Since they can’t boast the size, the decor should be more thoughtful. It is best to decorate the wedding table with small vases with flowers, candles or place them on the walls, windows and pillars.

Decor to use

It is quite difficult to choose a certain decor from a variety of options. When decorating the banquet hall, the main thing is to observe the measure, because the restaurant should not resemble an exhibition. It is unlikely that the bride and groom will like to look out from behind large and pretentious floral arrangements to communicate with the guests.

The following rules should be followed when using the decorations:

  • The height of the largest floral decoration for the tables should not be more than 15 cm.
  • It is best to arrange the decorations horizontally.
  • For decoration, it is recommended to give preference to small elements, because volumetric compositions will clutter all the free space.

Flower compositions

Decorating the wedding table of the young people using floral compositions is the most popular option, which will help to set a festive mood. It does not necessarily have to be done by a team of specialists. The bride herself can assemble a floral arrangement with her own hands. This option will be more economical, because the work of the florist at the banquet costs a lot of money.

More recently, decorating with flowers consisted of placing them around the restaurant in vases, but today’s florists prefer to decorate the hall in the following ways:

  • Small bouquets. Of course, these compositions often include roses, but many couples prefer to get away from the commonplace and surprise guests with unusual plants. For example, in the springtime you can decorate the hall using snowdrops and bluebells, in the summertime – field and delicate daisies, in autumn and winter – chrysanthemums. Accentuate the elegance, as well as the uniqueness of the celebration will help lilies of the valley, which will be installed in vases on the wedding table. Perform such a decoration will be possible and by your own hand.
  • Horizontal garland of flowers made by your own hands. Often lilies, small roses or fluffy chrysanthemums are used.
  • Rose petals. This option is considered the most budgetary and romantic, because the banquet hall in such a performance will look very solemn. However, it is worth noting that flowers already lose their prime freshness after a few hours, so it is recommended to decorate the restaurant with them approximately one or two hours before the beginning of the holiday.


Decorating any wedding table begins with the choice of textiles. Of course, there are many options for decoration, but still popular are the following:

  • Lace linen, falling down to the floor in folds. The ideal solution in this case would be to use a pastel-colored fabric.
  • The use of several fabrics.
  • Silk, which will emphasize the solemnity and elegance of the event.

When choosing a fabric for decorating the hall for a wedding with their own hands, you should follow a number of recommendations:

  • The color scheme of the fabric should be in good harmony with the style of the banquet hall.
  • Many decorating ideas include decorating the stairs, walls, ceiling of the restaurant with fabric, but in some institutions this is forbidden. Therefore, before you buy textiles, you should ask the administration, whether such decoration is possible.
  • Textiles should be purchased with a reserve. When working, the fabric can tear or there may not be enough at all, so it is better to have extra material. As a last resort, it can be used when decorating walls or arches will be done.

Romantic ideas

The more romantic details will be used when decorating the banquet hall, the more memorable the wedding will be. There are many ideas for decorating:

  • Decorating the space with candles. This decoration will emphasize the romance of the event, especially when the lights go out and the melody for the first dance is played. Decorated with candles the table of the young people will also help to emphasize the importance of the moment.
  • Decorations made of foam plastic, plywood or cardboard. From such elements it will be possible to cut out letters to make words.
  • Inflatable helium balloons. The best solution will be the use of transparent versions, inside which will be placed feathers, sequins, ribbons, decorative details. 

Color options

Tables decorated in the same color scheme will help to emphasize the solemnity of the event. Successful options for decorating will be the following:

  • A tablecloth chosen in the same tone as the color of the banquet hall;
  • Using two or three similar shades of orange and peach or red and pink for the decoration of the banquet table;
  • The choice of completely different colors that go well together. For example, white and blue-blue fabrics can be used to decorate the young couple’s table.

If a non-professional is engaged in table decoration, it is worth choosing tablecloths in white, cream and golden tones. These shades look best with cutlery, combined with various decorations. Standard for a festive feast choose silk, cotton, linen or more budget synthetic tablecloths.

wedding table decorations

Ideas for decorating the place for honeymooners

Beautiful accessories and small details, harmoniously placed on the tables, will emphasize the beauty of the celebration. The main thing is to use items in the same stylistic concept. For example, if a voluminous garland of several flowers is chosen to decorate the wedding table of the bride and groom, then placing large plants on top of the composition is not the best idea.

You can decorate the table of the newlyweds with your own hands with the help of ikebans. Live flowers, ribbons and so on are used to create them. In the same tone, you can also pick up small decorations on the table for the newlyweds. If the wedding takes place in the fall, it is worth creating an original decor from a pumpkin. It is easy to make a beautiful vase for flowers or for candles.

A great option to decorate the wedding table with their own hands is the use of LED decorations. It is best to apply them in several tiers or combine them with flowers. You can place them in the lower part of the table, and to complement them use beautiful figurines, for example, angels.