Winter wedding decorations

winter wedding decorations

Winter wedding decorations: Ideas for banquet hall decor, table settings, invitation decorations with examples and photos in the style of a winter fairy tale.

It is traditionally considered that the best time for a wedding is summer, but a winter wedding can be no less impressive event. There are nuances and peculiarities in holding such a celebration. So how to decorate a ceremony in the cold season in a winter fabulous and interesting way?


Only the bravest newlyweds decide to hold a wedding ceremony in the cold season. When decorating the place for the ceremony, you should stick to the concept of the wedding and use decorations in the chosen style.

December is the most popular month for celebrations, because at this time there is a magical atmosphere of kindness and fairy tale everywhere.

Important! The opportunity to save the family budget plays an important role. Prices for rent of the hall, cars and other wedding services in winter are much lower.

The celebration planned for February or January will not spend too much time looking for a suitable venue. Corporate parties are held in December, so after the New Year, most rooms will be vacant.

You can rent a small restaurant, cafe or old mansion for the banquet. For weddings in the traditional Russian style, a wooden log house is perfect. As an entertainment the guests are offered sledding, snowball games, tug-of-war and other age-old Russian winter pastimes.

For the outdoor registration choose a recreation center or restaurant with an open area on which to set up a tent made of cloth. It is excellent if the area has a gazebo, which can be decorated with garlands, snowballs and snowflakes.

Deciding to celebrate a wedding in the winter season, the newlyweds may face some difficulties:

  • The weather may be unfavorable for the photo shoot, so it is necessary to rent a photo studio or create a suitable photo area in the banquet hall in advance;
  • You will also have to take care of the bride and groom’s outfits. A winter wedding involves extra spending on beautiful outerwear and shoes;
  • To preserve the original appearance of the wedding bouquet, choose flowers resistant to the cold – roses, anemones, ranunculus.

Photo session in the fresh air is carried out in the first half of the day, as in winter after three o’clock it starts to get dark. Beautiful pictures can be created against a background of snow-covered trees or on a snow-covered field. Pictures taken during a snowfall look beautiful. An ice rink or a street decorated for the New Year is another pretty background for a winter wedding photo shoot.

Color scheme.

When decorating a wedding in the cold season, more often choose a combination of white with various shades:

  • blue – this option harmonizes with the winter landscape and looks elegant;
  • Red – shades of red with white and green look cozy and help to convey the Christmas atmosphere;
  • Purple – in order to make the design not look a bit gloomy, white, silver, gold are added to purple;
  • green – it is better to give preference to darker shades of green;
  • Black – a contrasting combination of black outfits and white snow looks luxurious. With the help of black decorate small details – invitations, accessories, decorations for the hall;
  • Pink: this color together with white is perfect for a ceremony in the chebby-chic style;
  • Brown – the white-brown combination is elegantly complemented by pink, red, blue and green accents;
  • gray – the universal color harmonizes with a lot of shades, and silver in winter decoration looks more interesting than pure white;
  • Blue – the combination with white emphasizes the fairy-tale atmosphere.

The traditional white can be replaced by a shade of Ivory. It will add a light vintage touch to the celebration. Ivory goes well with gray, blue, purple and pink. You can make color accents with a silver or gold shade.

Tip! In the design, be sure to alternate shiny and matte details. This is necessary so as not to liken the decor to Christmas tinsel, which in large quantities looks vulgar.

Decor ideas with photos

Winter wedding will be spectacular if you choose a basic palette and complement it with original accents.


When holding the ceremony outdoors, be sure to consider the weather conditions. To make guests feel comfortable, rent a well-heated room.

A hall with a fireplace will fit perfectly into the concept of a winter wedding. It is decorated with wreaths and garlands of spruce twigs, candles, and antique candlesticks.

The fireplace also becomes an excellent photo area. As additional accessories for the shooting choose bright plaids, books, mugs with hot tea.

winter wedding decorations


The area for registration is decorated with fir branches, the needles of which are covered with an imitation of frost or snow, as well as floral garlands of fresh, but better artificial flowers.

The path to the wedding arch is decorated with Chinese lanterns and candlesticks. The traditional red carpet is replaced by an imitation snow cover, which is created with artificial snow.

Glitter and cotton

Decorating with sequins of white, blue and silver colors will help to create a festive atmosphere. They decorate the table for the newlyweds, invitations for guests, glasses, bonbonniere or even the wedding cake.

You can decorate the winter celebration with florets of cotton. Long branches are placed in tall vases and placed on the tables. Wreaths of cotton branches hang on windows and doors. They can also be used to decorate the area for the photo shoot.

Small florets decorate invitations and baubonnieres for guests. Original decorations made of cotton, supplemented with decorative materials of stone or wood, perfectly fit into the eco-style.

Knitted accessories

To emphasize the atmosphere of warmth and comfort at a winter wedding can knitted things. For example, mittens knitted by the bride herself, can become excellent gifts for parents and prizes in competitions.

An unusual-looking knitted cushion for the rings, which are decorated with flowers or lace.

To decorate the banquet hall with the help of crochet crochet snowflakes or original balls, and glasses and bottles of alcohol are “dressed” in crochet covers.

Decorating the banquet hall

To create a sense of a winter fairy tale in the banquet hall will help a variety of accessories:

  1. The wedding table is decorated with bouquets or garlands of spruce pine, in which the buds of white roses and red bunches of berries are woven;
  2. Spruce pine needles are also used for decorating invitations, place cards and chairs;
  3. To create the illusion of a snow-covered winter forest, artificial snow is used;
  4. One of the most popular options for decorating the wedding hall is the decor of fir and pine cones. With their help decorate candlesticks and glasses. Spruce needles and cones are poured into transparent vases and placed on the table among the treats;
  5. Instead of candlesticks and coasters for glasses, they use tree trunks. In combination with white candles, they will make the atmosphere warmer and more cozy.
  6. The banquet hall can be decorated with white balloons with weights in the form of snowflakes;
  7. Christmas tree balls are also useful for decorating the hall. They are hung on floral arrangements and used to fasten cards for seating guests;
  8. Traditional Christmas garlands are useful for lighting the wedding. Garlands are fixed on the ceiling, decorate windows, columns and doorways. Outdoors, they are hung on trees or bushes, in pavilions and marquees;
  9. Magic romance is unthinkable without candles and sparklers. The composition of thin candles are decorated with spruce pine or flowers;
  10. The use of crystals in the decoration of the hall will create the effect of freshly fallen snow;
  11. Beads of white, green, red, pink or blue colors should be placed in large vases or used to decorate floral arrangements.

Table decorations

Winter decoration of the wedding table has characteristic features. For example, clear crystal and porcelain of white color are chosen as tableware, which perfectly fit in with the theme of the celebration.

Covers for candlesticks are often made by hand – knit from woolen thread in the form of mittens or Christmas socks.

To decorate the table use the composition of pine cones and pine needles. They are decorated with sequins, crystals, braid or florets of cotton. Floristics with cranberry or rowan berries look original. It can be placed among the treats, using small vases or candlesticks.

To make an appetizing accent in the serving help oranges, mandarins or grapefruit. Bright citrus fruits make garlands, decorate the table of newlyweds with them, and fill transparent vases.

To decorate seating cards originally, the names of guests are written on snowflakes or crystals of paper and fastened on tangerines with toothpicks.

Openwork napkins are an indispensable addition to the wedding decor. To make the accessory more refined, it is decorated with a lace pattern, braid, embroidery.

Idea: To create the illusion of a winter picnic in the fresh air will allow serving a buffet on a plaid or a blanket, and the chairs are replaced by wooden stumps. Such a non-standard method will bring a twist to the decoration of the holiday table. With the help of warm plaids also decorate the backs of chairs.

winter wedding decorations

Examples of invitations in the winter style

When decorating the invitations, stick to the chosen color scheme.

When decorating invitation cards for the winter celebration, you can use elements of natural wood. An alternative to standard invitations are wooden planks with the names of the guests burned into them.

To emphasize the stylistics of the wedding, thematic decorations are used for invitations:

  • snowflakes;
  • pine needles;
  • artificial snow;
  • sequins;
  • florets of cotton;
  • cones;
  • cinnamon sticks;
  • Christmas tree balls.

Invitations made by your own hands look soulful. They are made in the technique of quilling, scrapbooking or decorate ready-made blanks with woolen threads and knitted elements.

The decoration of a winter wedding should be festive, but this does not mean that you can not bring it a touch of warmth and comfort. About how to do that in the video:

Most people think that winter weddings are boring and monotonous. But it only takes a little ingenuity, to think of small details that will fill the atmosphere with comfort, choose a successful venue and invite the dearest people to turn a “cold” celebration into the most soulful and warmest holiday.