Decorating a wedding: what wedding decor is trending?

wedding decor

Weddings were, are and will be, despite all the twists and turns of the world. From season to season wedding decor styles change, there are new and remember old decorative techniques, there are new tricks that meet people’s needs.

By and large, there are no good or bad wedding styles. Anything that appeals to you and evokes light emotion is already worthy of attention. But one way or another, fashion permeates all areas of our lives, dictating its own rules. It’s worth following fashion trends in case they resonate in your soul and are close to your couple (not one of them!). What trends wedding experts have recognized as leading, we will tell in this article.

70’s aesthetics.

Invincible boho – so you can describe this style in a nutshell, which again and again reveals its many facets for fans. This year it will be more of a 70’s aesthetic. A bit of ethnics, a bit of hippie, indomitable spirit of freedom and everyone’s favorite unique bohemian flavor. As decorative elements you can use brightly colored rugs, soft pillows, tents and teepees in the Indian style, patterned textiles, macramé, furniture and lamps made of rattan, interior items, decorated with mosaics, wooden beads, knitted napkins and tablecloths, dream catchers, clay floor vases, dried flowers and succulents.

Minimalism and environmentalism.

Along with boho-chic, minimalism is still relevant. Simple lines and forms, concise decor, pure colors, no embellishments and superfluous details. Thoughtfulness and functionality in this style goes hand in hand with a conscious choice of absolutely all elements of decoration and filling each detail of the wedding with a special meaning.

The principles of ecological approach to the celebration fit perfectly with the concept of minimalism. For example, if we are talking about floristics, a popular theme is the use of live plants to decorate the space, which can then be planted in the ground. Eco-friendly materials for decor, such as wood, metal or stone, correspond to the stylistics of minimalism, and plastic, on the contrary, is reduced to a minimum. Decorators also encourage decorating a wedding based on the season, which means resorting more to seasonal flowers, fruits and even making the wedding menu based on local produce.


First time you’ve heard that word? It’s the designers’ name for the incredibly fashionable mix of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian style. They actually have a lot in common, but there are also special features that are specific to each of the mixed trends. The more interesting and unusual looks their “hybrid. Do you want to be on the crest of a trendy wave? Choose the “Japandi” style for your wedding. Especially since there is much less hassle with it than with the lush classic decor. The main features that distinguish this style will be fabric screens with wooden slats, which are good for zoning, an abundance of wood, a natural palette combined with white and beige, various dry branches, including sakura, paper fans and lampshades, bonsai plants, earthy furniture, natural fabric textiles, clay, porcelain and wooden dishes, maximum light and space, geometric prints.

Green Floristics

Speaking of floristics, we should note that luxurious roses, of course, will not disappear, but more and more often in the design of weddings can be observed the so-called “garden style”. Local flowers appropriate to the current season, an abundance of greenery, field plants, dried flowers for autumn and winter weddings – such decor combines perfectly in style with the celebration taking place outdoors.

For indoor venues all this is also relevant, however, here florists give couples the opportunity to turn around and offer a tropical style as an alternative to the restrained and natural for our latitudes of the garden. Rich greenery, huge palm leaves, exotic flowers and plants as a decor and fruit as a treat for guests – such an unusual approach in the design of the holiday will leave the most vivid memories and dilute the grayness of everyday life at any time of year.

wedding decor


As more and more outdoor weddings take place around the world, there is a growing interest in wedding tents and decorative lighting. These two components can create romance and comfort in any place, whether it is an enclosed area of a restaurant or recreation center or a clear field outside the city. The main thing is to provide the site with the necessary electricity for the holiday.

Tents are well ventilated and safer with a large crowd of people from an epidemiological point of view. At the same time they will protect from the scorching sun, rain and wind. Even in winter you can feel quite comfortable in a heated tent. Therefore, in the triumphant return of tents and marquees in the wedding industry is not surprising, they are the best way to meet the needs of the time as a venue for special events.

A sea of lights

Lighting plays an important role in creating a special festive mood, especially at night. This year, too, decorators have decided to go beyond bulb lights and spotlights to create Magic Caves of light bulb lights. For example, you can make a kind of tunnel of lights, inside of which will stand a festive table or create a marquee of lights on the dance floor.

Exquisite serving

Beautiful serving with exquisite textiles, perfectly selected tableware and elegant cutlery, combined with impressive floristics, printed menus and unique decorative details make the holiday tables not just a place for treats, but an independent decorative element, a real work of art of decoration. Abundant serving pieces that resemble elaborately stylized photo shoots will be on trend.

wedding decor

Handmade decor

Of course, handmade at such an important event as a wedding will never be mainstream. But in the midst of quarantines and isolation, many have pumped up their talents, developed their hobbies into income-generating activities, or started to do something that they have long dreamed about, but have been putting off because of a lack of time and motivation. Now is the time to apply all your skills in arts and crafts, sewing, knitting, cooking, and design to make something completely unique for your celebration. If not you, your talented friends and relatives can help you create the heartiest invitations, bake the tastiest cake, or sew the most original napkins for the table setting.